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Educating America with the herbal & survivor skills of our ancestors.
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Darryl Patton
MA., ND, Master Herbalist,
Clinical Hypnotherapist

"The ability of a bark, leaf, or root to transform the body in a positive manner is a mystery that serves to daily rekindle my passion for the natural world."

Welcome to the Southern Herbalist and Stalking The Wild...! My life has been spent in a constant search to discover and unravel the mysteries of nature. As a child, I spent many hours in the woods crawling on hands and knees through brambles and briers, my imagination running wild. Sometimes, I was an Indian hunting deer with my trusty bow and arrow. Other times, I might be a cowboy riding for days on my trusty horse, high in the mountains of Colorado. It really didn't matter as long as I was outside playing, feeling the freedom of nature. 
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Subscribe now for practical, tested information for real world situations. Stalking the Wild... is an online magazine geared towards those in the adventure-loving outdoor community. In Stalking the Wild... we will show you how to tan a deer hide, tie knots and use ropes for climbing, sharpen a knife, and no less than a thousand other skills.



Mountain Medicine: The Herbal Remedies of Tommie Bass
“This book is a loving tribute to a great herbalist (Tommie Bass), full of beautiful color photos of the plants he used and details on the way the plants are used and prepared...”   
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Brain Tan Buckskin

January 19 - 20, 2013

Hands-On workshop learning the Dry Scrape method of turning a raw deer hide into soft buckskin

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Gain the knowledge and confidence
to gather and use a minimum of two
to three hundred medicinal plants.


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